How To Study in Taiwan -- ICATI JAKARTA

•Eligibility Applicants :

Eligibility for applying for degree programs is slightly different between international students and overseas Chinese students.
*** Please be aware that once you select a condition for admission, you can not switch to another.***

Overseas Chinese students: If you meet the MOE Regulations Regarding Study and Counseling Assistance for Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan.
The term “Overseas Chinese Student” refers to those who were born overseas and resided there until the present time of application, or have stayed overseas for more than six consecutive years and have a permanent or long-term residence certificate.

International students: If you meet the MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.
If you hold foreign nationality, and has never held Taiwanese nationality, and does not possess an overseas Chinese student status at the time of their application, you are qualified to apply for admission under this regulation.

*For details of International students,please contact :
1. Bp. William Lie ;WA : 0811-151-623
2. Ibu Sophia ;WA : 0878-8755-3278
3. Ibu Tania ;WA : 0821-10777-055

• How To Apply? Overseas has 3 channel :
1. 個⼈申請 Gèrén shēnqǐng : Individual apllication
2. 印輔班 Yìn fǔ bān : Indonesian students classes
3. 僑⼤先修部 Qiáo dà xiān xiū bù :Prepatory School at NTNU when you have decided the university or program you want to study,
you can search for detailed information on quota and entry requirements,
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Briefing :Klik disini

Requirements :
1. Application Forms
2. 2-inch Passport Photo *The photo must be in color, taken with the most recent 6 months as would be for passport use. (2-inch; front facing; and hat off)
3. A photocopy of Passport, I.D Card , Student Card and Household Register Card
4. High School/Bachelor Diploma and Translation *if you haven’t received Diploma,please submit a ”Certificate of Expected Graduation (either in English or Chinese)” or an official document issued by your school that indicates the expected graduation dates.
5. High School/Bachelor Transcript And Translation All the documents need to authenticated by the Republic of China overseas mission or verified by units designated by the Overseas Community Affairs Council (or equivalent proof of academic qualifications) : ICATI and your school/university